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How to Apply for the "Power of Us" Program Donation

Now that you have applied for your Salesforce Trial, it is time to complete the Donation application process, obtain your 10 free Salesforce licenses and make your Salesforce account (and HomeKeeper app) permanent.  We cannot proceed with HomeKeeper installation until you have completed these instructions.

Note: is continually updating their own onboarding process, so please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions, or to let us know if things have changed from our instructions.


1. Log into your Salesforce Trial Account:

Log into your Salesforce Trial Account:

In order to apply for the "Power of Us"  program, you need to know your Salesforce Organization Salesforce ID.  To find that, first go to and enter your username (email) and password.  

Watch this short video if you have trouble logging in or forgot your password.

2. In a separate tab, go to the Salesforce Foundation website -

Go to

Then, login using your Salesforce username and password (the same as you used at This will connect your trial instance to your Power of Us application.

In a separate tab, go to the Salesforce Foundation Website

3. Complete the listed sections and submit your application

Complete each section of the application, which inquire about your readiness for Salesforce, primary contact, organization details and 501c3 documention (Letter from IRS).

4. Check your email for confirmation of Submission

You will receive an email from Salesforce upon successful submission of this form. 

Send application questions or a request for a trial extension to

5. Wait for an email confirming your application has been approved. Forward the confirmation e-mail to

Wait for a confirmation e-mail, that your application has been approved. Forward the confirmation e-mail to

You will receive a final confirmation email from Salesforce (example shown above).  Please forward this to to inform us of this step. This can take 7-14 business days (often shorter). It's important that this step is complete, so we do not customize a trial version of HomeKeeper, and lose your customizations later.

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    Valerie Zekas

    These screenshots do not match the current screens in Salesforce for setup. Can these screens be updated so it is easier to determine how to get set up with a nonprofit Salesforce License?



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