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Help! I'm a New Staff Person at an Organization that Already has HomeKeeper

Welcome! We hope you're excited about the opportunity to use HomeKeeper.

Contact us! We'll get you set up for support.

If you're new, send an email to We'll make sure you can start using HomeKeeper right away to get your job done (such as making sure you're on the latest version of HomeKeeper, and that we've got the right Primary Contact listed at your organization for important updates).

The Logins You'll Need

1. Sign up for the Support Forums

Learn how to sign up for the Support Forums here. Signing up will allow you to see the support articles (including many articles linked below). We've written our User Manual and other Support Forum articles based on user's questions and tips to help new users get started. Once you sign up, you'll get an e-mail prompting you to set up your password for the first time.

2. Make sure you have a login to your organization's Salesforce Account

A user at your organization will need to login to Salesforce (the platform HomeKeeper is built on), and create a new log in for you. Then you'll be able to log in to Salesforce at

If you run into any issues, let us know and we may be able to help.

Check out (or bookmark) our Training Calendar

Our Training Calendar lists all of our upcoming online trainings, like our monthly New User Q&A, designed to train new users. We also offer monthly Office Hours, where new or longtime users bring questions to the HomeKeeper staff. Several times a year, we also host trainings on specific topics, like Reporting 101 or a demo of advanced HomeKeeper customizations.

Read Our Top Articles for New Users


The article What's Covered in Orientation is a great starting point for new users to HomeKeeper, as well as this article on getting data in, if your organization has not completely gotten your data into HomeKeeper.

Watch a Recording of your organization’s Orientation or our Application Pipeline Webinar

We also may have a copy of your organization's original HomeKeeper training, which could be helpful (though the features we originally trained on may be out of date.)  Contact us to check if we have a recording of your training.

If we don't have a copy, or your organization was oriented on old features, we recommend watching our Managing an Application Pipeline webinar, which goes over the ins and outs of creating a Service File to store information about your applicants, who eventually become homeowners.

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