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What should my "Program" field picklist values be?

HomeKeeper's Social Impact Report is meant to give organizations information about how their program characteristics effect their performance in terms of buyer demographics, affordability to buyers, return on investment for buyers, and efficient use of subsidies. Organizations can use these reports to track performance, assist with program design and development, and/or share with funders and program stakeholders. It is our hope that by developing HomeKeeper, the national database and the performance reports, we can better understand the impact of affordable homeownership programs and give organizations the data and tools to better tell their story.

What will make your Social Impact Report more meaningful?

What will make your Social Impact Report more meaningful?

The question to start with is: what grouping would make the charts most meaningful?

If you want to analyze all of transactions together, then the value in the Program field should be standardized, and a separate fields used to track other distinctions. For example, there is also a field on the Property object called "Source of Home" which can be used in reports with Service Files.....or you could add a new "Source of Home Detail" field on the Service file.

If you want to analyze data from these transactions separately (e.g. because they have different resale formulas, have different income restrictions, or are in completely different housing markets etc), then and only then should you use the Program field to make those distinctions. Consider whether the characteristics would affect your buyers performance in meaningful ways, like affordability restrictions (Different resale formulas or entirely different affordability mechanisms, eg. gap loan vs. deed restriction vs. ground lease), application process or location.

We discourage designating programs by funding source (CDBG, NSP) or "source of home" (New construction, acquisition and rehab, etc) unless it has distinct characteristics like those listed above that would affect their performance in affordability to buyers or return on investment. A home purchased after new construction likely will not have that different of a purchase application process than a homebuyer purchasing a unit upon resale, especially if the same affordability restrictions will be placed on the property.

*Note: Each Service File (homebuyer) will only be assigned ONE "Program" value. If a buyer would need to be assigned to multiple "Program" pick list values you have chosen, you will need to reevaluate your "Program" selections.*

How can I change my program field?

The program field is a picklist field so if you need to add new values, you will need to add new picklist values. Once you add the new values you can replace values entirely, or if you want to change a subset, you can use Inline Editing in a list view.

If you change the Program picklist, contact HomeKeeper Support, since the values on our end need to match yours exactly for your files to roll up to the HomeKeeper National Data Hub. We're also happy to talk through any questions you might have.

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