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How much does HomeKeeper Cost?

And what do I get?

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    Tiffany Eng

    If you are a non-profit, it will cost you $5,200. to $6,000. to get up and running, depending on the size of your program. This includes a one-time enrollment fee and your first year of member fees. 

    One-time Enrollment Fee of $3,000 includes:

    • Pre-Meeting & Setup Interview 
    • Initial setup and configuration 
    • Orientation and further customization training 
    • Initial connection setup to the Hub
    • Does not include: migration, advanced customization, multi-program setup, multi-layout setup


    Annual Membership Fee Includes:

    • Access to Knowledge Base and forums
    • Ability to suggest ideas and vote
    • Access to new versions as released (approx annually)
    • Online webinars and office hours (approx. monthly)
    • Email Support
    • Annual performance benchmarking report for up to 5 programs

    2013 Annual Member Fees:


    HomeKeeper provides tremendous value for you, your programs and your organization.  To date, we have spent over $600,000. of grant funding to build a system that reflects your needs. We too are a non-profit, so funds raised from new memberships will go directly back into covering the costs of maintaining HomeKeeper and providing you with the support you need.  Please let us know how we can help show you the return on your investment and justify the cost of joining and membership to your board or funders. 

    Please contact us for government pricing options.

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