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Can HomeKeeper run Credit Reports?

Does HomeKeeper have ability to run, store, and track credit report and scoring progress?  We currently run a bi-merge educational credit pull for clients and monitor/report on their progress after six months.  If you do not have this capability, is this something we could add or customize?

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    Tiffany Eng

    HomeKeeper has keeps track of credit scores, but only one number for the applicant and one number for the co-applicant at time of purchase. It doesn't pull credit reports.

    There is a third-party Salesforce app that does pull credit reports, but I'm not sure if it's good fit with affordable ownership programs:

    HomeKeeper can be customized to store most anything so you could easily track multiple credit scores over time. If it's something a lot of users would use, we could add this to the App, but you always have the flexibility to add it yourself.

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    Tiffany Eng

    Habitat for Humanity Greater San Francisco has setup an integration with Laser Credit that allows them to pull reports from with Salesforce and link them to records in HomeKeeper. 


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