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Why should I buy HomeKeeper? What's in it for me?

Why do I need HomeKeeper and what can it do for me? Can you give me some examples of how it makes my life easier and my programs better?

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    Tiffany Eng

    Your peers are using HomeKeeper to implement the industry's most effective practices, while decreasing staff workload. As one user said, “Having access to such a powerful tool has revolutionized the way we do business. We not only do things more efficiently, we do them better."

    Not convinced yet? Here are a few stories that current users have shared with us:

    • **Reduce mindless data digging.  **Before HomeKeeper, a program manager had to manually check dozens of paper files to see if any of the children in families on the wait list had a 16th birthday so she could update her wait list preference ranking.  Thankfully, she was able to make a few customizations to HomeKeeper so that its is now calculated automatically.

    • Sleep soundly, knowing your data is safe in the cloud. Shortly after program staff at one organization migrated information into HomeKeeper, their agency's server crashed and they lost all of their excel spreadsheets that they had relied on for years. Much to their relief, their property and homeowner information was safely preserved in the HomeKeeper.  More on Salesforce security at  

    • Make more informed decisions.  Homestead CLT has used HomeKeeper to target their marketing and homeownership counseling resources more effectively to appropriate clients. It has also allowed Homestead to explore client demand when evaluating strategic acquisition or development opportunities. The ability to run these reports at the click of a button has allowed Homestead to become proactive instead of reactive. They can seek development and acquisition opportunities with confidence in client demand, and also have more staff time to spend supporting heir clients and ensuring that best practices are in place in all aspects of their work.

      “We used to package subsidies and applicants would go shopping for a house

    all on their own... It was a constant flow of applicants with no way to track

    progress or outcomes, and now we can track both.”

    —Lindsey Sargent, Homeownership Program Director

    • Automate the production of closing docs.  The Housing Fund (with the help of a consultant) automated the creation of 12 different loan documents with the click of a button created inside their HomeKeeper App. Using a third-party app called Conga Composer, the data stored in HomeKeeper is now seamlessly merged into multiple Word Documents, ultimately producing a complete set of closing documents for the closing agent. The documents include a lender approval letter, closing instructions, note, deed of trust, deed restrictions, mortgage agreement and wire instructions.  If one data point (like adding a middle initial) needs to be updated in 9 documents, the staff only has to change it once in HomeKeeper. The changes then gets pushed out to all of the loan documents. > “Homekeeper’s efficient data management software has allowed THF staff to

    focus on customer service and marketing our loan product to the community.”

    —Paul Johnson, Executive Director

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