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Phase 3: Orientation to HomeKeeper

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Orientation to HomeKeeper will require a significant amount of time and concentration from your staff. The process is meant to be done at a time when you can follow up and practice the things you learn, as well as introduce you to a system that's both complex and powerful.

The Orientation process is meant to:

  • Orient you to Salesforce
  • Orient you to HomeKeeper
  • Show you how a file would be hand entered from start to finish
  • Help get a file from paper into the correct places in HomeKeeper
  • Make sure you understand the various fields and objects in HomeKeeper
  • Makes sure you know where to go to get HomeKeeper support
  • Get you excited about the possibilities of HomeKeeper

HomeKeeper staff cannot hold an orientation meeting until Installation and Customization is complete, even though you can work on filling out a First File.

1. Fill out the "First File" worksheet and pull supporting documentation

You and your staff will need to pull the file of a homeowner who applied, purchased and went on to sell a home in your program and enter information about that buyer on on the First FIle Worksheet.  You will need to have their application, eligibility and purchase information, as well as information about the property they purchased, including subsidies and appraisals.

You should have your completed worksheet and have all related records on hand for our call including:

  • All appraisals associated with the property and initial home buyer transaction
  • Subsidy information for properties and the home buyer (including grants and loans) - date, amount funder/lender name.
  • HUD-1 Closing statements for the program's purchase (if applicable) and the home buyer initial purchase
  • Homebuyer application (including income sources and demographic data)
2. Make sure all your staff has been able to log to the HomeKeeper Support Forums

You will have asked us to add your staff to the HomeKeeper support forums in Phase 2.  Each person will then need to set their password for the forums, so you should check with them that they've done this before your first orientation.

3. Add all relevant staff as users in your Salesforce instance

Follow these instructions for details on how to add new users and which profile to choose.

5. Schedule Orientation

Once you're close to completing the tasks listed above, you'll be ready to schedule a time to have your first orientation. Send us an email with 3 times when you and your staff are available for the first orientation meeting. Make sure this is a time when you and your staff will have the time to enter a practice file on your own, in between orientations.

On the computer you’ll use for Orientation, make sure that you are able to successfully log in to Salesforce from Also, make sure the computer is fully charged or bring your power cord.

6. Attend 2-3 Orientation Meetings

The webinar Orientation Meetings consist of entering a first file from start to finish. To prepare for this training, HomeKeeper users will need to pull this first file, as well as do the tasks listed above. Generally we divide this orientation into 2 to 3 hour/hour and a half long sessions that we record for you to later go back and watch. These sessions are usually divided into:

  • Meeting 1: Entering a property and property subsidies and entering application information about a homebuyer: application process, living situation demographics, income certification
  • Meeting 2: Entering purchase information about a homebuyer: monthly housing costs, purchase financing (Loans, grants, cash, etc) and pricing
  • Meeting 3: Entering resale information: pricing, transaction details and exit survey

Depending on your program, we may be able to finish this content in 2 meetings.

7. Practice in between Meetings

For the orientation meeting to  be effective, you'll need to have the time to practice what we did together on your own. After entering eligibility information or a purchase, we'll ask that you to repeat that process for the next buyer, which we'll check over during the next meeting. If you forget what we went over, usually we recorded earlier sessions or you can look at our article on What's Covered in Orientation for a refresher.

You're on your way!

Congratulations! Once you've had your final Orientation meeting, you will be fully "Onboarded" into HomeKeeper, and ready to enter your properties and homebuyer information in on your own. This doesn't mean you can't ask questions, but means you're ready to begin the process of getting your data in and using HomeKeeper to manage your program.

See After Orientation: Own your HomeKeeper, Get Your Data in and More

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