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Phase 2: Installation and Customization

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Most of the work during the Installation and Customization phase will be done by HomeKeeper staff and developers. We'll need you to ensure that you have the appropriate licences for HomeKeeper, which nonprofits can recieve a donation for and for profits must work with an account excecutive to purchase. Once you have the licenses either donated or purchased, you'll need to give us access to your system so we can configure and customize it for you.

This phase starts once you have a Getting Started Meeting with HomeKeeper staff and ends when HomeKeeper staff finish the customizations to your HomeKeeper instance. The tasks and meeting for Getting started are meant to:

  • Get you up and running with a Salesforce account
  • Help you successfully buy (or recieve Salesforce's donation) of user licenses
  • Create a user to allow our team to install or configure HomeKeeper in your System
  • Customize HomeKeeper for your program, your location and your workflows


1. Add all relevant Staff to the HomeKeeper Support Forums

Make sure all your staff will be able to get help with HomeKeeper if they need it. Once you've had a Getting Started Meeting, you'll get an email with a link for entering all staff who'll be using HomeKeeper, and we'll add them to the HomeKeeper support forums. Each person will then need to set their password for the forums.

2. If you're new to Salesforce, Sign Up for A HomeKeeper Trial and Confirm your Licenses with Salesforce.

Most of our HomeKeeper users are non-profits using Salesforce for the first time, though we also have user organizations who already had Salesforce or who are for profit organizations or cities who must purchase licenses. Please follow the instructions for your situation. If you're not sure what to do at this point, let us know and we'll help guide you on how to proceed. If your organization is already using Salesforce, you can move on to Step 3.

2.1. Sign Up for Our Trial of HomeKeeper

Sign Up for Our Trial of HomeKeeper

Sign up for a Trial version of Salesforce with HomeKeeper installed. Do NOT follow any other link to sign up for a Trial of Salesforce, or the Non-Profit Starter Pack, as they do not include HomeKeeper.

2.2. Make the Trial a Permanent Account. Either apply for a grant or purchase your licenses from Salesforce.

Make the Trial a Permanent Account. Either apply for a grant or purchase your licenses from Salesforce.
  • Non-profit who is getting Salesforce for the first time you will need to apply online for 10 free Salesforce licenses. The application includes a readiness section, organization and contact information, as well as requires that you upload your 501c3 documentation.  
  • For-profit or public organization, you will need to work with your Account Executive to determine how many Enterprise licenses you will need to purchase. Once you have purchased these licenses and decided on a start date, let us know that you're all set with Salesforce. You'll then need to follow the next step to (temporarily) create a user for us to install HomeKeeper in your system.

3. Create a User for the HomeKeeper Team to configure HomeKeeper in your Salesforce Instance

In order for us to configure your system, we need you to give us access by creating a "developer" user. You'll later be able to create users so that other members of your staff to log in, but don't do that yet. Follow these instructions for creating a developer user.

4. Configuration and Customization by HomeKeeper team

Once you create a user license for our HomeKeeper team, we'll start working on configuring your HomeKeeper app in Salesforce, as well as implementing the customizations that we discussed during your Getting Started Meeting. At this time, you don't have any action items, but you should be prepared to start working on pulling a First File as part of the next phase of the HomeKeeper onboarding process. This can take a couple of weeks, especially when we are onboarding several groups at once. We'll let you know when we've finished the installation of HomeKeeper in your Salesforce instance and you will be ready for your 1-1 Orientation to HomeKeeper.

See Phase 3: Orientation to HomeKeeper


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