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How to Edit Help Text

Help Text appears when users hover over the question mark located by the field level. You can make changes to your HomeKeeper help text to better inform your program or staff.

Since HomeKeeper users are able to update their help text, this also means you must manually make updates to help text when a new release comes out. 

Watch a video of how to edit help text in Salesforce Classic

Help Text in Classic appears next to an orange question mark

Find the field you want to update and click on its "Field Label" hyperlink

You'll see the field detail information. Click "Edit"

Edit the Help Text as needed.

From this edit screen, you can customize a field's help text. If updating help text for a field that comes with HomeKeeper, the field is managed, so you cannot edit the Field Label or Description, but you can edit the Help Text.

When HomeKeeper updates the help text for fields in the package, we put the updated information in the Description, for an easy "copy/paste".

Note that Salesforce will inform you of the character limit (see "1 remaining", highlighted above).

Click "Save". This help text will now appear for users who need information about that field!

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