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Customize Fields in "Calculations" Components

Organizations on Version 2.4 of HomeKeeper (or later) and using the Lightning user interface will see components on the Homeownership Service File. These "calculations" components hold formula and other calculated fields, and are designed to display information important to Homeownership programs, while still allowing the Homeownership Service File to load in Lightning.

This article explains how to edit and customize the fields that appear in these "Calculations" components, to add your own custom fields or change the order of fields. Find a list of all fields included in HomeKeeper's "Calculations" Components for Lightning here.

When assigned the Homeownership Service File Record Page in Lightning, components appear on the right side containing formula and other calculated fields built into HomeKeeper.

User organizations can edit the order of fields, remove fields, or add their own custom fields by editing the Field Set for a Service File in Object Manager.

From a Service File, click the Setup gear icon and choose "Edit Object" from the options.

This will take you to the Object Manager for the Service File in Setup. Select "Field Sets"

Next, choose the Service File field set you want to edit from the list. See "Description" which indicates which field set is packaged with qualifying fields, or purchase fields.

  1. The field set edit box will display all fields available to place on in the field set (1), and the list of fields currently in the field set (2).

To remove packaged fields from the field set, hover over them and select the "minus" symbol. Click "Save" button.

To reorder packaged fields in the field set, hover over them and drag them to the preferred location. Click "Save" button.

To add fields to the field set, use Quick Find in field set edit box to find it by name. (This may include custom fields, or other HomeKeeper fields not packaged in the field set.)

Drag the field into the field set box. Click "Save" button.

Reload or refresh page for a Homeownership Service File. Your component will now be updated to include edits or custom fields!

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