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Create a Custom Service File Record Page

Organizations on Version 2.4 of HomeKeeper (or later) and using the Lightning user interface for Homeownership features will default to our packaged record page. This article outlines how to create a custom record page for your homeownership or other program.

Recommended: For further resources on how to use and create custom record pages for any object, use Salesforce Trailhead.

Select "Lightning Record Pages"

Select the record page to edit. The "Service File Record Page" is designed for everyday use by most homeownership programs.

Selecting the record page will display its details. To make simple changes to a packaged HomeKeeper record page, select the "Clone" button.

This will display a copy of the original record page for editing. To distinguish from HomeKeeper original, change the Label, Developer Name and Description (at bottom).

Starting with the copy of the original record page, make desired changes. For example, remove the Activity/Chatter component from the page.

Drag an existing component to the preferred location on a page.

It is also possible to add other components from the list to a page

For details on standard and custom Lightning components, see Salesforce Trailhead.

After editing your custom record page, select "Save". You will be notified to make this page visible to users, it will need to be activated.

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