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Assign a Service File Record Page

Organizations on Version 2.4 of HomeKeeper (or later) can use HomeKeeper in the Lightning user interface. Salesforce features in Lightning include the ability to create and assign record pages for a custom view of record details. This article demonstrates how to assign the Homeownership Service File record page to an App, Record Type and Profile. This is the assignment that will be most commonly used in HomeKeeper, but these steps apply to assign custom record pages for Service Files, or any object.

For further resources on how to use and assign record pages for any object, see Salesforce Trailhead.

In the Lightning user interface, open a Service File.

After the Service File is open, click the Setup gear icon and choose "Edit Object" from the options.

This will take you to view the Service File object in Setup. Select "Lightning Record Pages".

Select "Homeownership Service File Record Page", which is the record page packaged in HomeKeeper for active, non-sealed Service Files.

Select "View" button to load the pre-built HomeKeeper record page for Homeownership Service Files.

Select Activation button on the right. Read the next instruction before activating!

When selecting Activation, choose "App, Record Type, and Profile". This is the 3rd tab.

Then, choose "Assign to Apps, Record Types, and Profiles"

First, choose the apps:

  1. HomeKeeper (Lightning)
  2. Housing Counseling (Lightning) Selecting this app will ensure that your Homeownership Service Files continue to load as expected depending on which HomeKeeper app you are using.

Select "Next" button.

Then, choose the Record Type "Homeownership". Select "Next" button.

Last, choose the Profiles. Select the appropriate Profiles that will use this record page in Lightning. For example, "HomeKeeper Administrator" and "System Administrator" are two Profiles commonly used by HomeKeeper user organizations. Scroll down to select the appropriate Profiles.
Select "Next" button.

Review assignments to confirm you are assigning the "Homeownership Service File Record Page" to the Homeownership record type (to use with active Service Files), to the appropriate Apps and Profiles. Then, hit "Save".

You will see a confirmation of "Activation settings changed" popup. Select "Back".

Your Homeownership Service Files has now been assigned to the specified profiles, to use with the Homeownership Record Type in the HomeKeeper app! Use the App Launcher to open HomeKeeper and start editing Service Files or entering new ones using HomeKeeper in Lightning.

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