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How to Get a Salesforce Instance (Prior to Getting HomeKeeper)

One of the first steps to getting HomeKeeper is to get a Salesforce instance for your program or organization. Our HomeKeeper application runs on the platform. All users (and potential users) will need to have set up their Salesforce before the HomeKeeper app can be installed.

Note: often updates their own setup process. Please do not hesitate to ask HomeKeeper for suggestions, or to let us know if things have changed from these instructions.


Instructions for 501c3 Nonprofits

Salesforce has recently launched a new Edition, Non-Profit Cloud. This introduces a new set of functionality, bundling lots of favorite features from their Non-Profit Success Pack at higher costs and you'll have to decide which Edition is best for your organization when you sign up.

Want to know if this path is right for you, or if the Non-Profit Success Pack is sufficient? Read our blog entry, Salesforce's New Product Non-Profit Cloud!

There are two main steps for getting Salesforce setup for HomeKeeper.

The Power of Us Program gives eligible nonprofits and educational institutions access to 10 donated subscriptions and deep discounts on additional subscriptions, products, and/or services from Salesforce.

Follow these steps (as outlined on Power of Us Program website) to get set up:

1. Apply for a Salesforce Trial

Your organization will need to apply for a 30-day trial of Salesforce at this page:

Submit your information here to request a trial. Your Username (last field) must be unique and must be in the form of an email address - Salesforce suggests you use your work's email address for this.

You'll get this confirmation page along with an email with instructions on setting up your account - there will be a 30-day trial org set up!

2. Application for "Power of Us" and Permanent Licenses:

Now that you have applied for your Salesforce Trial, you'll complete the Donation application process, obtain your 10 free Salesforce licenses and make your Salesforce account permanent.  HomeKeeper cannot proceed with installation until you have completed these steps.

Prepare the following:

  • Your organization's Tax ID Number, also known as Employer ID number (on IRS Form W-9)
  • Your organization's 501c3 letter

Login to your Salesforce Trial Account at (see example of page below). You will have setup your user name and password for your Salesforce Trial Account in the previous step.

Forgot your user name or password? Watch these instructions to recover them:

In a separate tab, go to the "Power of Us" Salesforce Foundation website:
(Example of page below)

From the "Power of Us" website, login using your Salesforce username and password (the same as you used at This will connect your Salesforce Trial instance to your "Power of Us" application.

Complete the listed sections in the application, which inquires about your readiness for Salesforce, primary contact, organization details and 501c3 documentation (Letter from IRS).

Submit the application.

After submitting your application, you will receive an email from Salesforce confirming successful submission of this form (see example below).

Wait for an email confirming your application has been approved (see example below). This can take 7-21 business days.

Forward the confirmation e-mail to our Outreach Specialist at . It's important that this step is complete before applying for HomeKeeper to begin the onboarding and installation process. 

You might receive an email from Salesforce during this process offering additional implementation services (with costs associated with the implementation).
You do not need additional Salesforce implementation services in order to get the HomeKeeper app. HomeKeeper training includes basic new Salesforce user training and resource recommendations. Reinforce Salesforce basics with these free resources.

Instructions for Municipalities, For Profit, and Other Non-501c3 Entities

In order to install the HomeKeeper App, organizations will need to get the Salesforce Enterprise Edition or Higher.

Please visit the Salesforce Cloud Pricing Page at to learn more about pricing and speak to a representative about getting started with your Salesforce CRM.

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